for small and regional airports

What we do

Mobile App and centralized dashboard for accurate reporting

Streamline tracking & reporting of TNC activity

Use modern technologies and automation to capture data and gain insights

Automatically track pick-ups and drop-offs. Enables more accurate activity data and encourages fair and honest revenue reporting.

How it helps

Real-time map that shows driver location and pick-up/drop-off points

Simple adoption by TNC, with no change to current processes

Geo-fence detection and reporting to centralized dashboard

Ride Track

At Ride Track, we integrate our custom tracking software with existing AAAE systems to enable more accurate revenue reporting from independent taxi companies. You can start tracking today through a simple adoption by each TNC – a capability that does not currently exist, especially at small or regional airports.

Comprehensive dashboard to strengthen the relationship between AAAE directors and TNC administrators. Brings accuracy in tracking and a real-time dashboard.

Ride Track is a simple download for TNC taxi drivers

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